June 12, 2008

Baby Robin Learning to Fly

As I walked out to take a look in my vegetable garden to see what seeds had come up so far, I walked past this fuzzy little bird sitting on my bench. At first I wondered what kind of funny looking bird it was. It allowed me to get fairly close and did not fly off like most birds. I did not think much more about it until later that day my daughter came into the house all excited. She had me come out to look at the baby bird that had flown from its nest on our neighbors porch into our yard. She had watched the past couple of days as the mother robin brought fat worms from our garden to the little bird in the nest. Finally I figured out that it was the little robin from that nest. Its first attempts at flight were only an skip and a jump, but by the end of the day it had found its wings and flew off.


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